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Cancer Awareness e-Portal is designed to spread awareness about the cancer and its causes, remedies, precautions, types, Symptoms,  Diagnosis, Myths and its possible free helps from government, non-government and private organization for every one. 

What is Cancer ?

Tumor is the uncontrolled development of anomalous cells in the body. Growth creates when the body's ordinary control instrument quits working. Old cells don't pass on and rather become crazy, shaping new, irregular cells. These additional cells may shape a mass of tissue, called a tumor. A few malignancies, for example, leukemia, don't frame tumors.

Types of Cancer ?

Malignancy may happen anyplace in the body. In ladies, bosom malignancy is a standout amongst the most widely recognized. In men, it's prostate disease. Lung growth and colorectal malignancy influence the both men and ladies in high numbers. 
There are five fundamental classes of growth: 
  • Carcinomas start in the skin or tissues that line the inward organs. 
  • Sarcomas create in the bone, ligament, fat, muscle or other connective tissues. 
  • Leukemia starts in the blood and bone marrow. 
  • Lymphomas begin in the safe framework. 
  • Focal sensory system diseases create in the cerebrum and spinal string.

Causes of Cancer

Growth is caused by changes (transformations) to the DNA inside cells. The DNA inside a cell is bundled into countless qualities, each of which contains an arrangement of guidelines advising the cell what capacities to perform, and additionally how to develop and separate. Mistakes in the guidelines can make the cell stop its typical capacity and may enable a cell to wind up noticeably dangerous.
Different reasons for malignancy are: 
  • Hereditary changes 
  • Hurtful beams because of introduction to sun/radiation 
  • Eating regimen and physical movement 
  • Innate 
  • Ecological variables 
  • Idiopathic/obscure